A First Post

I’m not a writer, in fact I have spent most of my life avoiding anything where I was expected to express myself verbally.  Practice makes perfect, if so then this space will be a place where I can improve my ability to explain myself with words.  I’ll try and stick to photographic content but I’m not above a political rant now and again.

Hopefully you’ll read things here that teach you something or touch a part of you.

A little about me;  I’m 62, married for 40 years, have a married son and a soon to be born grandchild.  I have a degree in Architecture and spent my first 8 years out of school designing and building custom homes.  I build my own home during this period and still live there today where I run Silverlined.   I raced bicycles for 30 years and helped start Boulder Masters Cycling Team in 1984, today the team is sponsored by Boulder Orthopedics.

I love the work I do now, I’m not sure I’ve had more than a handful of days that I didn’t enjoy my job and the people I work with.  You’ll hear lots about this here as well as my perspective on issues that get me excited.  Cycling, cooking, politics and Lyme disease are things you might hear me talk about at times.  I also like to respond to peoples questions so please comment here and it will help me know if anyone out there actually  reads things like this.  Hopefully I’ll write here regularly but for now just look for new content on the other pages.


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